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We've done all right over the years and if Radio 1 feels that we should be banned now it's not exactly going to ruin us overnight - Paul McCartney after The Beatles' new single "Real Love" didn't make the playlist

It is only by reaching for things which fainthearts think unachievable that we achieve anything - Iain Duncan Smith, Tory MP

Vera Lynn sang for the troops; I'll be cooking for them - Keith Floyd, TV chef, who is flying to Bosnia aiming to help the morale of British soldiers

Opting out [of a single European currency] would not be a soft option ... if we fail to recognise that then I suspect we would be in for a hard landing - Eddie George, Governor of the Bank of England

It is not a partnership of nations. It is a dictatorship - Teresa Gorman, Conservative MP, on the European Union

A woman has prejudices even before she designs because she herself will have to wear it. Men don't wear the clothes they make, so they can make a dream - Ocimar Versolato, fashion designer

He was the kind of man you have nightmares about - Laura Bryce, 11, who saw Thomas Hamilton, wearing a black cap and ear muffs, on the rampage at Dunblane Primary School