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Everyone coughs in the same language - Doreen Lofthouse, managing director, on the worldwide success of Fisherman's Friend lozenges.

The winner will always be the one with the brightest smile and the most hair. It is doubtful if there will ever be a swimsuit category, but there will never be a bald-headed president again - Gore Vidal, American writer.

The damage done to the English language by Sir Richard Scott's report was not in my view deliberate. Sir Richard was careless in the use of language - designedly but not in a duplicitous way - Roy Hattersley, Labour MP.

Ladies make excellent tacklers and are not afraid to get stuck in. If they don't get you with one foot, they will get you with the other - Sir Stanley Matthews, soccer legend.

It seems to make no sense to stop a million tons of concrete for an animal nobody has heard of - Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College London, on the protected whorl snail, found on the route of the Newbury by-pass.

Most English music is so narcissistic and shallow and a reflection of a sorry society - Robert Plant, former Led Zeppelin singer.

Free the Pulp One! - Brian Eno, producer, after the singer Jarvis Cocker was arrested for disrupting Michael Jackson's act at the Brit awards.