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Anyone who gets up at five o'clock each morning is certain to go straight to heaven - Roy Hattersley, Labour MP

It's no good practising a dangerous sport and then whingeing if someone gets hurt - Jim Ballard, husband of the mountaineer Alison Hargreaves, on why he has seemed not to mourn her death on K2

It is questionable as to whether Winston Churchill or even Harold Wilson, who was on the round side, would have been electable today - Professor Gus McGrouther on the rise of a `cosmetic underclass'

Labour wants to do for our constitution today what the town planners did for our town and city centres in the 1960s - Brian Mawhinney, Conservative Party chairman

I fear his political footwork may not be as good as it once was - Sir Julian Critchley after Michael Heseltine advised businesses to delay paying debts

It's more brass for the top brass ... I can't imagine anyone thinks a judge is worth twice as much as a nurse - Chris Pond, director of the Low Pay Unit, on pay review bodies' recommendations

Tony Blair is busy practising his smiles as prime minister-in-waiting. He wants to be on to the next job before he has shown he can do the present one well - John Redwood, Tory MP