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There is only one bright spot. Job insecurity is at its worst among Tory MPs and councillors as they watch their government tottering to the grave - Lord Healey, Labour peer

Once you have swum through the filth spewed out by the Conservative Central Office, you find you're in clean water and you can swim freely and say what you think - Emma Nicholson, encouraging others to defect from the Tories to the Liberal Democrats

The best thing everyone can do today is roll right over and go back to sleep - Radio announcer in New York City, where residents awoke to snow banks up to six feet deep

It's so cold you can see the lies coming from a politician's mouth - David Letterman, US chat show host, on the Washington blizzard

Come back into place! I have a hip that hops out sometimes - Baroness Robson of Kiddington, Liberal Democrat, rising to speak in a Lords debate on alternative medicine

As far as I can tell by their views on European federalism, such people's creed would be better described as 'No Nation Conservatism' - Lady Thatcher on 'One Nation' Tories

As any taxi driver will tell you, whether you liked her or not, at least you knew where you were with Margaret Thatcher - Tony Blair