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I think anyone with commonsense knows that to win pounds 33m in one go can have terrible effects. It can totally destroy lives and bring misery - The Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, Anglican Bishop of Wakefield, on the double rollover Lottery jackpot

The Government has grown rather used to bishops dismissing this, that and the other as "obscene" - George Walden, Tory MP

Of course, I do arouse primeval instincts, but most men can. I just happen to be able to do it to several thousand people - Mick Jagger

The most under-rated thing in the world is a good hot bath with bubbles - Burt Reynolds, actor

As you get older, your skin seems to become too big for the rest of your body and you look as though you need a good ironing - Jill Gascoine, actress

The Liberal Democrats will not give one breath of life, beyond what is absolutely necessary, to this Government - Paddy Ashdown

We are now down to 25 breeding dukes. At this rate we shall soon need our own rare breed society - the Duke of Buccleuch

There are all sorts of kiss-and-tell things people could reveal after living with someone, but in my circle it is just not done - Angus Deayton, television personality