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Both BR and Railtrack said today they were ready for anything the weather could throw at them - Report in Tuesday's Evening Standard, before snow crippled the rail network in the South-east.

In Britain, if you are blonde and have blue eyes, then you are called a bimbo, which is rather unfortunate for 90 per cent of Scandinavians - Ulrika Jonsson, television personality, who is Swedish

In their teenage years, when your average lad is out getting his first woman, a lot of gay young people end up going to church instead because they are open to other sources of beauty - the Rev Michael Vasey, who says Jesus would not have been hostile towards gays

Some people who are going to find themselves outside Parliament in two years' time are in for a fright, because they have no qualification other than politics and there is nothing so dead as an ex-MP - Lord Harris of Greenwich, Liberal Democrat peer

A four-letter word can never make an unfunny line funny, and every night these comedians prove my point. Did you ever hear Tommy Cooper swear? Or Ken Dodd? Or Morecambe and Wise? - Eddie Braben, Morecambe and Wise scriptwriter