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Words can be sexy and eyes can be sexy. I don't think you need to see naked bodies writhing around all the time - Meg Ryan, one of a growing number of film actresses who won't strip for the camera

I cannot remember when I last saw a film, but I am told it is important nowadays to have a lot of nudity to make it sell to the public - Viscount Daventry, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire

The cut is nonsensical, totally irrational and deeply boring - Stephen Daldry, artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre, London, on the pounds 5m cut in the Arts Council budget

The trouble with being off the drink is that you remember clearly the next morning what you did the night before, and when you're off the drink there's nothing worth remembering from the night before - Richard Harris, actor and reformed hell-raiser

I could play Camilla Parker-Bowles. I could ugly up for that - Joan Collins, when asked if she would star in a royal soap opera

It was as if Brady and Hindley had got married and kept killing for 20 years - Howard Sounes, author of the first book on the West trial

Marriage, not cohabitation, is the institution which is at the heart of the good society and let us not be reluctant to say so as a Church - The Archbishop of Canterbury