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I am a Minister of State, but judging by the direction of my career recently, it may just be a matter of time - sacked Tory party chairman Jeremy Hanley, now Foreign Office Minister of State, after being addressed as a junior minister by Labour MP during question time.

Anyone who is arrogant doesn't believe he is arrogant. I admit one or two of my friends probably think I am, but I don't - Jonathan Dimbleby, journalist and broadcaster.

News stories are, of course, alarmist and we should play on people's fears .... We should sell stories hard, but just stop short of distortion - Sarah Sands, soon-to-be deputy editor of the 'Daily Telegraph', in a memo intended for her new boss, Charles Moore.

If life were to be found on this new planet just discovered outside our solar system then it would have been contaminated by original sin and would require salvation - Father Piero Coda, Italian theology professor, advocating evangelisation missions in outer space.

There are now more important things in life than a pretty cocktail frock - Wayne Hemingway, head of design and co-founder of the controversial Red or Dead fashion house.