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His output was utterly staggering considering he was always having lunch and quite a lot to drink - Candida Lycett Green on her late father, John Betjeman

Spin doctors will win or lose the next election for whichever side they choose to support - Michael Shea, former press secretary to the Queen

I am not a spin doctor, for the very good reason that we won't win by spin - Joy Johnson, Labour's director of campaigns

Our party conference is always a fitting way to round off the Commons recess. It gets you properly exhausted for the start of the new parliamentary session - George Robertson, Labour MP

I have been sloppy with my life, but I am not a dishonest person - Mona Sahlin, front-runner for the Swedish premiership, after claims that she had used government credit cards for personal purchases

In Shakespearian times taverns were open all day, or Falstaff would want to know why - Angus McGill, pub critic, 'Evening Standard'

Staying alive is the most competitive of all records. All 5.2 billion of us are at it - Norris McWhirter, founder of the 'Guinness Book of Records', planning a visit to the world's oldest person, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment (aged 120), to give her a special citation