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I don't regard the BMW as a yuppie car, nor are our members from the elite. Some of them work in factories - Kay Sythes, editor of 'BMW Car Club' magazine, after Roy Hattersley referred to helping the poor by penalising BMW owners

If you aren't someone who can talk in general terms about scientific as well as non-scientific issues, you aren't civilised - Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College, London

We cannot allow our party to be destroyed or dismantled simply because 99 per cent of us were daft enough not to be born among the Islington chatterati - Alan Simpson, Labour MP

I came into politics to build a fairer society. Now it's all I can do to stay awake - Austin Mitchell, Labour MP

The truth is that the best two crime prevention policies are a job and a stable family - Tony Blair

It is a terrible admission, but the thing about Tony Blair is that you find yourself mentally setting aside party allegiance and listening - George Walden, Conservative MP

Tony Blair has become the thieving magpie of British politics. Every policy idea that glistens he immediately alights upon and transfers it to his own nest - John Redwood, Conservative MP