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They would benefit from a 30-minute compulsory training sesssion under an Army PT instructor, starting at 6.30 every morning, including a jog. It could do wonders for them - Sir James Spicer, Tory MP, chairman of the committee that runs the House of Commons gymnasium

God knows perfectly well that I have nothing to do with the Mafia - Giulio Andreotti, Italy's former prime minister, accused of being organised crime's political Godfather

In two days, I'll be forgotten. That's life - Joseph Le Guen after rowing across the Atlantic solo in 103 days

It staggers me that after four election defeats there are still one or two people in the party whose only criticism is that we are becoming a ruthless election-winning machine - Tony Blair

Theologians have lost so many battles with scientists that they are reduced to arguments that can never be proved wrong. It's like a debate with a blancmange - Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College, London

Once you've had your thighs rubbished in the Sunday papers not a lot worries you after that - Fiona Armstrong, TV journalist