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Labour ... does not have a political project that matches the Thatcher agenda of 1979, nor one that will be able to sustain Labour in government - Labour spin doctor Philip Gould's leaked memo

Insufficient resources now threaten the provision of education in the state school sector ... job insecurity and the fear of unemployment is holding back the feel-good factor - Education Secretary Gillian Shephard's leaked memo

Growing insecurity at work is no longer just about fear of losing a job. It's about the fear of crossing the boss. Rights we all take for granted as citizens or consumers simply vanish when we're at work - John Monks, TUC general secretary

As a scientist rather than a sociologist I am prepared to risk political incorrectness by drawing attention to the seemingly obvious but under- stressed fact that black sprinters, and black athletes in general, all seem to have certain natural anatomical advantages - four-minute miler Sir Roger Bannister

Termination was mentioned, but for us it was never an option. Our babies will be born out of love into love - Brian Astbury, father of Siamese twins