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When I gave my big speech in the Lords, the longest letter I received was from a lady who wanted to know where I had bought my blouse.

Baroness Jay, Leader of the House of Lords

I have a cleaner and a nanny and I refuse to feel guilty about that.

Barbara Roche, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

I am very suspicious of people who like cats.

Historian Hywel Williams on the ancient Egyptians

Maybe if I snorted coke and had one hit record I would be invited, but I wouldn't know what to do or say.

David Dimbleby on not being invited to No. 10 Downing Street

It is profoundly unlikely that anyone will actually wear such clothes - or lack of them - in public, so what is the point of displaying them?

Shadow Health Secretary Ann Widdecombe on fashion shows and the catwalk

If you don't leave my boy alone, I'll box your ears. John does a good job for Britain and I'm very proud of him.

John Prescott's mother Phyllis Swales defending her son against the `Mirror'

The idea that God will answer your prayers and guide you through life is your fantasy. Mine is that God created beautiful women to be looked at.

Club owner Peter Stringfellow to Dr James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool who told him he had created a fantasy world

The Government is going completely bananas. I don't think people want to face life or death situations when they go out.

Restaurateur Michael Gottlieb on GM food labelling

Political hypocrisy makes me insane and I believe America has cornered the market in it.

Erica Jong