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This time the bread and jam fell on the

floor jam-side up.

RAF Group Captain Ian Travers Smith after a successful Harrier jet attack on Belgrade.

I felt I had been let down by Blair, in the same way I had been taken in by genetically modified food. We swallowed it, but it wasn't what it appeared and started to leave a nasty aftertaste.

New Tory top spin-doctor Amanda Platell.

To anyone who has served in Washington, there is something oddly familiar about it. First you're painted into a corner, then you're hung out to dry, and finally you're framed.

Former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher on having his portrait painted.

Where once they complained about bloody foreigners coming over and taking their jobs, they now complain about bloody foreigners coming over and taking their benefits.

Commentator Auberon Waugh on the unemployed.

It's not flattering. A legend is something you cannot touch. I like solid things. I'm a peasant, not a legend.

Sophia Loren