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I'm anti titles, I didn't want one. I'd abolish them at once.

Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare

The West has consistently seen air power as a kind of geopolitical one- night stand, offering gratification without commitment.

Academic Dominick Donald on Nato air strikes

We are up against a dictator who has shown he would rather rule over rubble than not rule at all.

President Clinton

Milosevic is undoubtedly ruthless and savage. So is Clinton.

Harold Pinter

I hope you don't underestimate your own ability to keep secrets.

Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji denying spying allegations from US intelligence

The pillars of the nation state are the sword and the currency, and we changed that. The euro decision changed the concept of the nation state and we have to go beyond that.

European Commission president designate Romano Prodi

I saw the supermodels backstage and the showroom, and it opened the door for me. I told myself, `I have to do this!'

14-year-old designing prodigy Esteban Cortazar explaining his career choice