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Why are we not producing British talent to stand alongside the greats like Margot Fonteyn? The shape of the British body is to blame.

Derek Deane, artistic director of the English National Ballet, on our poor eating habits.

There are three things in this world you can do nothing about: getting Aids, getting clamped and running out of Chateau Lafite '45.

Tory MP Alan Clark.

The sight of the sanctimonious Martin Bell in his grubby white suit posing as a political Mother Teresa was just too much. I flipped.

Christine Hamilton, wife of ex-Tory MP Neil Hamilton, describing her first meeting with her husband's successor.

We spend a lot of time praying for William Hague, and we sometimes pray for Tony Blair - we have to because he's the Prime Minister.

Tim Montgomerie, director of Conservative Christian Fellowship.

Cancer survival is not a lottery. Lotteries are fair.

Prof Michael Coleman on news that the poor have less chance than the rich of surviving the disease.