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Isn't it the case that these are the only people left in the Labour Party with genuine convictions?

William Hague, after listing Labour councillors who have been found guilty of crimes including fraud

It is up to the Serb people to get rid of Milosevic, not Nato.

Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown

Enoch Powell said that all political careers end in failure. You see before you a striking exception: mine began in failure.

Former Tory minister George Walden

Did you know that a peer condemned to death had the right to be hanged with a silken cord? A bit like insisting that the electric chair had to be Chippendale.

Charles Mosley, editor of Burke's Peerage.

I am a big reader of Salman Rushdie's works. It gets me off to sleep.

Heather Kozar, Playboy's new Playmate of the Year

I would not choose to watch these films for fun. I get my thrills from party political broadcasts.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, vice-president of the British Board of Film Classification, on the horror movies he has to sit through

Let us start building the new Scotland - remembering on all sides that civility is not a sign of weakness.

Donald Dewar

I can't answer for women, but I find him very attractive as a man's man. He has an extraordinary combination of intelligence, baldness and serenity. Almost Buddha-like.

Sean Connery on Mikhail Gorbachev