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It was the only occasion I had to supply Mrs Thatcher with a nappy.

Sir Bernard Ingham recalling an encounter between the former Prime Minister and an incontinent koala

He is not a dictator, but when he makes up his mind he never changes it. He should not be so inflexible.

Mihailo Milosevic on his cousin Slobodan

It must be like fighting God.

General Wesley Clark imagining President Milosevic's perception of allied bombing

It is an insult to every First World War vet, every Korean vet and Vietnam veteran who saw combat.

First World War Veteran Arthur Monosson on the purple heart awards to the three US servicemen captured in Kosovo

The Liberal Democrats are now so firmly in bed with the Labour Party that they have become little more than a shapeless lump under the Government's duvet.

Tory chairman Michael Ancram

I could not compromise my son's future for the sake of my husband's career.

Claudia Bracchitta on her decision to send her and left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn's son to a grammar school

The Liberal Democrats are the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" of British politics - yellow and easily spread.

Tory MP Anthony Steen