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We would be a better country when we chucked image in the dustbin and got on with being genuine.

Shadow Health Secretary Ann Widdecombe, saying she has "no time" for plastic surgery

The current view of the Home Office appears to be that the presumption of innocence is a time-wasting luxury.

John Mortimer on the Government's plans to change the jury system

In France you are just another man with a silly haircut.

A paparazzo to top hairdresser Nicky Clarke after he was refused re-entry to a party at the Cannes film festival

It seems there is no tradition, no memory of the past, that can be allowed to rest. All have to suffer under the onslaught of the modernisers.

John Redwood, shadow Trade and Industry Secretary, lamenting the policies of the Government

I will not write a poem for Edward and Sophie. No self-respecting poet should have to.

Carol Ann Duffy, who was the academics' favourite to be appointed Poet Laureate

I never run for the bus. I'm too lazy.

Linford Christie

You obviously practise megaphone diplomacy. Will you stop shouting? It is very disturbing to many of us up here who are trying to rest.

Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn to Tory MP Quentin Davies during all-night sitting