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Even after all the Serbs did to us, we could not do the same to them. I could never touch their wives, rape their daughters, kill their children, burn their houses and leave them with nothing.

Farmer Musli Kurtishaj on returning to his ruined home in Kosovo

We believe the world has too many refugees already. I beg you not to make the number any greater. Stay at home and we will look after you.

K-For's commander, General Sir Michael Jackson, talking to Kosovar Serb villagers near Pristina

I'm Irish. We think sideways.

Spike Milligan

I have that normal male thing of valuing myself according to the job I do. When I can't tell someone in one word what I am, then something is missing. I don't represent anything any more.

Michael Portillo

The best advice is collar, tie, shiny shoes, a degree of formality and detachment. Even if that doesn't win hearts, it doesn't offend minds.

Neil Kinnock on how a party leader should dress