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I don't think he is reshuffling me.

Cherie Blair.

My department is not too big for one man, because I'm Superman.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

The conformists have taken over. You used to be in a band to rebel, now it's to have a career.

Charles Smith of Madness on today's pop musicians.

I think he's mucking about with the constitution. He's like an A-level science student let loose with a nuclear bomb.

Tory peer Lord Cranborne discussing the Prime Minister.

I'm not the Sports Minister for Northern Ireland. For the life of me I can't remember who is. Perhaps someone will let me know. Or perhaps it is me and nobody has told me.

Pre-reshuffle sports minister Tony Banks.

Well hurry up! Not all of us have got as much time as you.

82-year-old Miriam Lewis heckling the Prime Minister as he warned it would take time to improve the NHS.