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Ooh, she is awful, isn't she?

Former KGB spy Melita Norwood on Ann Widdecombe's calls for her to be prosecuted.

I suspect that Tony Blair and myself could discuss the relative merits of individual David Bowie tracks. I doubt that Paddy and Tony could have that discusssion.

Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Remember it could be far, far worse: they could get Prescott writing verse.

Writer Malcolm Bradbury on the Prime Minister's venture into poetry.

Terrorism has declared war on the Russian people. The enemy does not know conscience, pity or honour. It has no face, ethnic origin or faith.

President Boris Yeltsin.

What goes on in laboratories makes EastEnders look tame.

The Government's chief scientific adviser, Sir Robert May, lamenting the lack of science TV shows.

I do not suppose the women of Germany have nightmares that Chancellor Kohl [sic] is coming to tea.

Fay Weldon on British housewives' anxiety at visits from the Queen.

I rarely use a computer, and when I do I usually need help.

Tony Blair.