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I love this breakfast thing. It's a novelty to me.

Keith Richards collecting his Q Award at 2pm.

The trouble with the right honourable gentleman is that he sees the EU as if it were a branch of Asda; he can't pick and choose.

Foreign Office minister Keith Vaz on Archie Norman MP.

Tony Blair doesn't understand the ethos of the working man. He thinks that if you had any merit, you would start a business, or become a journalist or lawyer.

General Secretary of the GMB and Allied Trades Union, John Edmonds.

Heredity is the family and an attack on it is an attack on society.

The Earl of Burford.

If Mr Punch encourages domestic violence, does Goldilocks encourage squatting?

Bob Sacco, secretary of the Punch and Judy Fellowship on the launch of an inquiry into the show's effects on children.