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It is because I was extra-scrupulous that I am in this pickle today. I could have had cash by the Harrods vanload.

Ex-MP Neil Hamilton at the High Court.

Now that the Prime Minister has appeared on the cover of Hello! magazine, perhaps it is time his deputy appeared in Goodbye! magazine.

William Hague.

English-speaking peoples share a hallowed moral ground.

Baroness Thatcher.

The time has come when a man must take over the duties of the woman. And where he even does it better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Teenage pregnancy is not exclusive to the poor. He is a young person with sexual urges, like anyone else. I've read that he likes Britney Spears at the moment.

Sex education project co-ordinator Doug Green offering to teach Prince William.

It's only in politics that you get to be a maiden twice.

Michael Portillo making his first speech to this parliament.