Quotes Of The Week

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What is this palaver about class? I wish Tony Blair would stop talking about it. It's irrelevant. Just because you're a duke, you are not necessarily an idiot, and just because you went to Eton it shouldn't rule you out from becoming Prime Minister.

Lord Carrington, former Tory cabinet minister

They have become a government very good at starting things but hopeless at finishing them. Tony Blair is becoming a reverse Magnus Magnusson - I've started but I don't know how to finish.

William Hague

I don't work a lot. I used to take every role that came in and I made a lot of crap, and a lot of money. Now I can afford to be artistic.

Michael Caine on his award-winning role in `Little Voice'

The President only wanted to do what every man has done and hidden from his wife since the beginning of time.

Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez on President Clinton

Families are forced into exile, racketeering, criminality and drug-dealing are widespread. Northern Ireland is descending into a moral cesspit. Is this what the Good Friday agreement brought us?

Sean O'Callaghan, former IRA commander and author of `The Informer'

Tony Blair is seeking for himself the pre-democratic prerogatives of William Rufus.

Sir Michael Forsyth, former Scottish Secretary

New Labour is not Labour renewed. It is Labour rejected, renounced. It is a negative. New Labour is, and is meant to be, Not Labour.

Former Labour MP Bryan Gould