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What is certain is that nobody reading Clinton's TV address could ever say again that talk was cheap. The fruit of the finest legal and spin doctor minds is there in every phrase.

Anna Raeburn, agony aunt

Diana benefited a great deal more from her association with the mines issue than the mines issue benefited in return. The Diana Memorial Fund hasn't given a dime to mine clearance, and she didn't leave it a dime.

Mike Croll, a mine clearance expert

For some people, sex is the main reason for going to work. I sometimes wondered whether any work was being done at all.

Jean Civil, a psychoanalyst who has studied sex in the workplace for seven years

There's no point not knowing something.

Lisa Hall, the A Level student who achieved six grade As

Vodka's my life blood and I used to dabble in fascism, but I've always taken pride in my thrift.

Ingar Kamprad, billionaire founder of the IKEA chain

Even if all the countries of the world unite, we would defend Osama [bin Laden] by our blood.

Mullah Mohammed Omar, the supreme leader of the Taliban, on American pledges to track down terrorist leaders

At no time did I ask anyone to lie, to hide or destroy evidence, or to take any other unlawful action.

President Bill Clinton

If Her Majesty wants to get closer to her subjects, she could have at least signed her congratulations to someone who has survived 100 years.

Sid Layton, the centenarian who sent back his 100th birthday card because the Queen didn't hand-sign it

The beauty of this camp is that it exposes the dog to all phases of dogdom.

Judy Sucket, a devoted dog owner explaining why she pays $1,000 per week to send her pooch to Vermont's camp, Gone To The Dogs

I say a prayer every night that the next day I will find a sponsor for the spirit zone.

Liam Kane, Millennium Dome chief executive