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It would be disgraceful to preach reconciliaton with [Argentina], while maintaining under arrest someone who, during the same conflict, did so much to save so many British lives.

Baroness Thatcher

A hospital porter trips up, they have an investigation. A doctor kills a patient, they have a discussion.

Stephen Parker, whose daughter died in 1989, on the Royal College of Surgeons

The conflict should never have happened. We deeply regret it.

Carlos Menem, Argentine President, on the Falklands War

It is idiotic hysteria.

Tony Blair on talk of British economic crisis

The only black hole in British economic policy is the space where the Tory party's brain used to be.

Tony Blair

Rich people love to eat the brains of live monkeys.

Cambodian official, as 70 monkeys are saved from being shipped to diners in Vietnam

Ffion's a proper wife. She does not parade in the limelight like Cherie Blair.

Ann Widdecombe on Ffion Hague

It's like asking the first person who used an abacus whether they could dream of the day when computers could be used in medicine.

Dr Samuel Braunstein, after teleporting a photon across a laboratory and being asked whether his machine could transport people

We all felt the films desecrated our school.

Yvonne Macleod,

former pupil, at a St Trinian's school reunion

If a woman is worried about meeting Mr Right, it would be better to wait until he comes along and do it naturally.

Suzanne McCarthy, of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, on women freezing their eggs in storage

We simpy don't respond to reviews. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad.

National Theatre spokeswoman, after critics panned 'Antony

and Cleopatra'