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It wasn't anything to do with President Menem or most of his people. I don't think an apology is necessary. A mark of regret is enough.

Falklands veteran Simon Weston as the Argentine president paid his respects to the war dead

It is a community trend, the increasing use of drugs and the thoughtless and dangerous disposal of syringes, and unfortunately aviation would appear not to be immune.

Spokesman for Ansett Airlines, Australia's second largest airline, on the decision to install special disposal bins for syringes

Her cooking is the missionary position of cooking. That is how everybody starts. Some chefs may interest the public but not teach them. They make it interesting but frightening to try for some people.

Egon Ronay, defending Delia Smith as her new series is accused of being 'insulting' to the cooking public

The basic law of politics is that to be right too soon is to be wrong.

Labour MP Austin Mitchell

I need to be connected with God. I need to live in a high state of spiritual accountability.

Bill Clinton, as quoted by Tony Campolo, Baptist minister, who counsels the President at the White House

If, in the immediate future, New Labour is amalgamated with the Liberal Democrats, it will be the union of the Venus fly trap and the bluebottle.

Labour peer Lord Hattersley

People seem to think we are a lot of effete old codgers, sleeping on the red benches and waking only to cause the Government unnecessary problems.

Lord Feldman of Frognal on the House of Lords

I suspect there is a link between the indiscretions of politicians and the nature of their work.

Former Tory minister George Walden commenting on the Ron Davies affair

Please do not be deceived by its length ... I don't think any other book I have written has given me such great pleasure.

Booker Prize winner Ian McEwan on his 178-page sex-scandal saga, Amsterdam