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My advice to those who are eager to try on the crown is very simple - don't hold your breath.

Paddy Ashdown on the campaign to depose him as leader of the Liberal Democrats

If I say not very much, people will say I'm not very credible, and if I say I'm of putting in whatever it takes, I'm accused of buying democracy.

Millionaire Geoff Southall on financing his newly launched Democratic Party

This could never be a crime in any society that deems itself enlightened.

Dr Jack Kervorkian, aka "Dr Death", as he was charged with murder for carrying out euthanasia

I'm sorry, I do not understand.

Miss World contestant Miss France, when asked if it was true that her ambition was to be an interpreter

He was not the first to mistake a few sighs for ecstasy, and his 122 conquests do not add up to more than one woman a week. They do better in the suburbs of French cities.

Journalist and author Francoise Giroud on Casanova

If women want to put on make-up or dance round their handbags, they should be able to. But they should be free to box too.

Women's world welterweight champion Jane Couch, who fought in and won Britain's first professional women's bout.

This demonstrates that in this world principles do exist and that dictators cannot travel with impunity and think they are above the law.

Isabel Allende on the Lords' ruling that Augusto Pinochet has no immunity from extradition

I will probably punch the judge if we lose. All we want is justice.

Wartime POW Arthur Titherington in Japan to fight for compensation

After 28 years, New Labour has finally caught up with me.

Dennis Skinner MP, on the planned demise of hereditary peers