Quotes of the week

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Human rights are more important than the maintenance of church service and ritual.

Peter Tatchell, defending his interruption of the Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon

The Nazis could not have invaded Poland without General Motors.

Bradford Snell, the historian, on collaborators in American business

My wife certainly is not a sportswoman. When we were first married I took her to Twickenham. I had to explain that Rugby had laws, not rules.

Sir Denis Thatcher

We can understand people wanting to party to celebrate the millennium, but we would suggest that they don't necessarily have to be comatose to do so.

Caroline Bradley of Alcohol Concern

I ceased to be a guardsman 40 years ago. Mr Hague can talk about discipline as long as he likes.

Lord Onslow

We are looking very closely at the style developed by networks such as CNN. People like Kate Adie and John Simpson are household names, but perhaps the BBC hasn't made enough of promoting them in the past. This is a nervous time for the staff of the Six O'Clock News.

BBC source on expected changes in the presentation of news

It's not as if we are 400 yards from King's Cross. If these people believe we are passing ourselves off as a tartan tube station they must be at least four stops beyond Barking.

Kenny Nichol, landlord of the Underground Bar in Dundee after London Transport threatened legal action

The ramblers are just a bunch of the dirty mac brigade. The great unwashed. Would you have a lot of Herberts in your garden?

Property tycoon Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, who has blocked a footpath through his estate

I may be guilty of glamorising crime. I'm ever so sorry, but there are a lot of elements about crime which are very glamorous.

Dave Courtenay, reformed mob enforcer