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There are more than enough killer whales around. Anyway, the only good killer whale is a dead one.

Steinar Bastesen, Norwegian MP, on the pounds 7.5m return of Keiko the killer whale to the ocean

I don't think anybody is going to be prosecuted or serve time for the death of my son. That's the worst thing I have ever faced, to know that these people are going to get away with it.

Neville Lawrence, father of the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence

Britain has always been a stickler for the rules and this is a strength, not a weakness, because it helps us to ensure that others stick to the rules too.

Foreign Office official

The general view is that he has come here to try and give us as much assistance as possible. But there's no way he was going to turn round and say 'I've got a job for you', and we all want to hear those words.

Employee Steve Fozzard on Tony Blair's visit to the Fujitsu plant where 600 are being made redundant

A direct clash is not in our interests ... Though we can send jets to blast Mullah Omar in his stronghold.

Iranian newspaper Qods on the country's standoff with Afghanistan's Taliban leadership

If you find someone squatting in your house, the thing to do is evict him, not look for another house.

Michael Portillo urging William Hague to recapture Conservative 'territory' from New Labour

Cool Britannia may well be dying of hypothermia.

Stephen Bayley, who resigned as creative director of the Millennium Dome in January

The Net can no longer be viewed as the preserve of nerds, pornographers and paedophiles. It came of age when the Starr report was published on it.

John Naughton, lecturer in technology for the Open University

No grandstanding, no playing to the gallery, no more spin, honest.

Peter Mandelson addressing the TUC