Quotes of the Week

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There is an extraordinary Essex flavour about this case all round. These three familes have been living the life of Riley, wildly above any conceivable legitimate means they could have earned. - Anthony Boswood, QC, representing the Bank of England in a case where cash was allegedly taken from a plant where old notes are burnt

I find I'm having to defend you . . . Why don't you stand up and defend yourself? - Inge Walker, Tory, to John Major on Birmingham radio phone-in

I was never very interested in youth; life gets more interesting as you get older. - A S Byatt, asked to say what 'Rock around the Clock', celebrating its 40th anniversary, meant to her

Obviously as a former public schoolboy, I do have to admit to a certain fascination for corporal punishment. - Stephen Fry, author and actor

I am not afraid. I have almost reached my allotted three score years and ten and I'm next door to the home of the Papal Nuncio, hoping he is praying for me. - Tony Wood, Britain's honorary consul in Rwanda