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I'm sorry. Well, fairly sorry.

David Morgan, inventor of the traffic cone

If a pint consists of 95 per cent liquid, then pounds 1 consists of 95p.

Scottish real ale buffs on why drinkers should not pay for froth on top of their pint

If people are thinking of making a career of politics I would advise against it. The odds are stacked against climbing the slippery pole.

Eric Pickles, Tory MP

This fall (in unemployment) is, of course, extremely welcome for all those who are unemployed.

Alex Carlile, Liberal Democrat employment spokesman

Why have such inadequate people? It's an awfully snobbish thing to say, but then I think God used to be a snob.

Stephen Fry on the low intellectual attainment of those who staff the Church of England

'We Had Sex in the Commons'. Actually seeing it on a news-stand . . . made me realise how shockingly like a kiss'n'tell it looked. Because, of course, it was a kiss 'n' tell.

Emily Barr, in the 'Guardian', recalling the exposure of her affair with Hartley Booth, MP