Quotes of the week

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He has chosen to ignore everyone else, so he can't grumble if they return the compliment.

Tom Wright, Dean of Lichfield, on Enoch Powell's rethink of the Bible

I'm from Birmingham and it's the first time I've been in this area.

Dennis Wadsworth, whose lorry was blown up by anti-terrorist experts after he parked near Downing Street

He's a star.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, alias the international terrorist 'Carlos', on magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere

We have too many do-gooders. Sending children on holidays only means jobs for the boys.

Barry Hayes, who was savagely beaten in a revenge attack after telling off child vandals

I wish I had your problems.

A fan's sign at a New York Yankees game complaining of the strike by millionaire players

He'd been paying employees from McDonald's to come up on the sly and toss him stuff over the fence.

Tom Papke, a former aide to Marlon Brando, on how the actor broke his health farm diet