Quotes of the week

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Put me in the Home Office for a couple of years and I'd soon put an end to this kind of nonsense.

Geoffrey Dickens, Tory MP, on the Center Parcs holiday furore

I don't think he would want to talk to me about the state of the baked bean crop in Libya.

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, Tory MP, who is to meet Colonel Gaddafi in Libya

While she was the wife of the leader, she was said to be pulling the strings, but the instant she was doing things on her own she was being manipulated. I became the Svengali rather than the puppet.

Neil Kinnock on press treatment of Glenys

You don't kill your parents just becausethey sent you to boarding school.

Gerome Poncet, yachtsman and mentor to Roderick Newall, who was jailed for life for killing his mother and father

Brace yourselves for death, because you are going to see plenty of it.

Ulster Volunteer Force statement after the murder of a pregnant Catholic woman in Co Tyrone