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It is immoral and outrageous. It is the obscene, unacceptable face of privatisation. It is the sort of news the Government does not need so close to Christmas.

Nicholas Winterton, Conservative MP on British Gas pay plans

They will have a problem to explain why business is so good that they have increased the chief executive's pay by 75 per cent, and yet so bad that they have reduced the pay of others down the line.

Greville Janner, Labour MP

The size of the lottery prize is now creating a false sense of values and constitutes nothing less than an obscenity.

Lord St John of Fawsley, former cabinet minister, advocating a ceiling of £1m as the top prize

We want to share their joy.

Mirror journalist on Radio 4 justifying the search for the lottery winner

The title hasn't been used for many years because my family had other titles and did not use that one.

Lady Jean Fforde who auctioned her hereditary title of Countess of Arran

When you look into his eyes, you're looking into the beauties and mysteries of the world.

Dr Henry Abrams, Einstein's ophthalmologist on the auction of Einstein's eyes, preserved for 40 years