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This is a government born in treachery, surviving by subterfuge, double-dealing and fraud, Janus- faced and brazen, slippery and underhand, a dismaying blend of incompetence and low cunning, doomed to end in shame and recrimination. I wish it the worst possible ill-fortune in 1994 and trust that, come the summer, we shall have seen the back of it.

Paul Johnson in the 'Spectator'

I think she has gone stark raving mad. She is going to be drawing her child benefits at the same time as she draws her old-age pension.

Brother of Mrs X, first-time mother of twins on Christmas Day, aged 59

When people feel excluded from their community and unable to make a contribution, the whole fabric of those communities is at serious risk. When that fabric starts to disintegrate, we all suffer, whatever our position.

Prince of Wales's new year letter

It is not part of our role to go into people's private lives unless there is a dramatic effect on the ministerial role they are carrying out.

Sir Norman Fowler on Environment Minister Tim Yeo