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Pounds 21m . . . That's a lot a bananas, isn't it, even for a Tesco heiress? - Jeremy Paxman to the present leader of Westminster Council

It's not art, it's a lump of concrete. - Joe Cullen of Demo One Ltd, as he knocked down Rachel Whiteread's Turner Prize-winning 'House'

I have absolutely no transvestite feelings, although at school I was the best Mrs Malaprop they'd ever had. - Sir Hardy Amies

Individuals who can lead the nation . . . need to be highly ambitious, utterly ruthless, thoroughly aggressive, very self-confident, full of vitality, with the gift of command and a singular will to power . . . If Mr Major's government is to survive, he must quickly find the bastard that we must all hope he has within him. - David Hart, writing in the 'Times'

Everybody argues - but to cut a man's penis off, I don't see no sense in that. - Paul Dodson testifying in the trial of Lorena Bobbitt in Virginia, US