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I would not use the word nigger myself.

John Patten arguing against 'political correctness' on 'Newsnight'

If my publisher asked me to hang upside down by Big Ben, I'd have to give it due consideration.

Edwina Currie publicising her book

Wind farms are a monument to the 'green' nonsense in Britain. Any 'green' who claims that windfarms are beautiful is aesthetically dead. The farms resemble a cluster of lavatory brushes in the sky.

Sir Bernard Ingham on plans for a windfarm near Hebden Bridge

The Chinese style is not to rig elections but they do like to know the results before they are held.

Sir David Akers-Jones, now advising Peking on elections, quoted by Chris Patten at the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee

I only comment on shirts and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Harvey Proctor, ex-MP, in 'Scallywag' magazine on allegations of a homosexual relationship between senior members of Government