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It is not 'blatantly heterosexual' or blatantly anything, though it would make you think twice, if you were the Duchess of Kent, about trusting the word of a Roman Catholic friar.

A N Wilson on 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Just travelling around has its own risks, but then so does getting out of bed. So, life's too short, really.

The Princess Royal on the shots fired at her brother in Sydney.

A feeling of not knowing quite where we are is fairly widespread in human societies today.

The Prince of Wales when he was, in fact, in Australia.

The United Kingdom tax authorities certify that to the best of their knowledge HM the Queen is a resident of the United Kingdom.

Inland Revenue responding to an inquiry from Spanish race course authorities.

We do not believe that being Jewish is a racial identity. It's a cultural identity. There is no such thing as Jewish sperm.

Julia Bard, editor of Jewish Socialist, on why she refused an ad for a Jewish sperm donor.