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A lot of these royal apartments are really just equivalent to council flats. The great majority are quite small and ordinary.

Michael Peat, Queen's director of finance and property, on the pounds 1m refurbishment of two Kensington Palace flats, including his own.

Me driving a BMW instead of a Bentley is not going to make life any better. Anyway the car is red.

Ken Follett on how he reconciles his pounds 150,000 car with his socialism.

It is a disturbing fact that there are now more social workers in Britain than men in uniform.

Daily Mail on the defence cuts.

I am parliamentary adviser to the London Association of Beekeepers, for which I receive 12 pots of honey - and I would be pleased to give you one, Madam Speaker.

Tony Banks, Labour MP, declaring his interests.

I explained (to the Sunday Times reporter) that although it might not be illegal it was certainly not very nice if Members of Parliament asked questions in return for money.

John Gorst, Conservative MP.