Quotes of the week

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(My promotion) has come at a difficult time as I have a full appointment book.

Sir Paul Beresford, dentist and MP, on his appointment as Under Secretary of State at the Department of Environment

I cannot compare in glamour to Virginia Bottomley. I concede that point.

Sir Norman Fowler, MP

I do not think that the public are going to have very much confidence in a committee where the Conservative MPs on that committee have between them 17 partnerships and nine consultancies.

Dale Campbell-Savours, MP, on the committee investigating payment for parliamentary questions

One day he told me he wasn't going to eat meat any more because of the dangers of mad cow disease. I said: 'Ron, you're mad already. That's why you're in Broadmoor.'

Kate Howard, ex-wife of Ronnie Kray

Can I keep my teeth in?

Joseph Berry, Arnhem veteran, 73, making his first parachute jump for 50 years