Quotes of the Week

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Whatever our views may be, we are united on policy - Michael Portillo, on Radio 4's 'Today' programme.

I thought, this is no ordinary junior love-god lead singer we have here - Mark Ellen on his former band member Tony Blair wowing the crowds at a student gig

I agree with Mr Illingworth that our players should be tough. I know of no tougher person to walk the face of the Earth than my boss - Jesus Christ. - Rev Andrew Wingfield Digby upon losing his position as chaplain to the England cricket team

What is it these guys have got about goddamned grass? - A White House advance man ordered off an Oxford college lawn during President Clinton's visit

I mean no personal disrespect to professional bureaucrats, but it is simply not in their nature to act in the interest of others - Theodore Dalrymple, doctor and writer, on health service reformers

If he was a woman, I'd kiss him - Viv Richards on Brian Lara

I've always been Bobby. I expect my friends will still call me that - Sir Bobby Charlton