Quotes of the WeeK

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Obviously, there is Lloyd's and the school fees, and as everyone knows a politician isn't paid a fortune. Nowadays almost nobody can afford to have two houses and leave one completely fallow.

Lady Lyell, wife of the Attorney- General, on their plans to offer holidays at their Burgundy manor.

The decision (to exempt British children from an EC directive on working hours) is good news for the UK and for our young people in particular.

David Hunt, Employment Secretary, on the 'victory' which allows British children to work more than 12 hours a week.

Please print more photographs of single or divorced British MPs.

Russian woman to the 'Telegraph' about Sir Antony Buck's marriage.

The case is a fitting end to his tenure of office, the hallmark of which has been confrontation and insult of parents, of teachers, of chief education officers and anyone with whom he disagreed.

Ann Taylor, Labour MP, on the libel damages agreed by John Patten, Education Secretary, after calling Professor Tim Brighouse a 'nutter'.