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One can't be squeamish.

Martin Taylor, chief executive of Barclays, after announcing pounds 100m of bonuses to senior executives and 400 redundancies

Apparently I am working with a crack team using the most modern DNA finger-printing techniques. In fact, it's just me, in my grubby anorak, and I wouldn't know DNA from a hole in the wall.

Professor Bernard Knight, forensic pathologist at Cromwell Street, Gloucester

I would burn the bloody bitches . . . Let these bloody women go off and form their own politically correct church and religion.

The Rev Anthony Kennedy on women priests

It's hard to know what the family has done to deserve Virginia Bottomley as their new nanny.

David Blunkett, Labour health spokesman on Ms Bottomley's new ministerial responsibility

I'm rather surprised that police get the results they do with the identification of human beings.

Douglas Richardson, London Zoo curator called in by Scotland Yard to identify Bilbo the neutered tom cat, mistaken for a lioness