Quotes of the Week

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The Child Support Agency is a spectacular failure. It is a real achievement to have run on from the old system and then to have done worse.

Frank Field, MP, on learning that the CSA has collected less in maintenance than the DSS-managed system which preceded it.

My administration . . . had policies, direction, and persevered to continue through to success.

Baroness Thatcher criticising politicians who are swayed by opinion polls rather than principles.

Some of the dishes Mrs Ward cooked were simply not acceptable. I wouldn't even accept them as mistakes from my wife.

Brigadier Vere Hayes of Elaine Ward, his former cook.

Does she go out cruising so she can find someone to help? She has been flagged down more times than a bloody London taxi.

Prince of Wales aide on the Princess of Wales's Good Samaritan efforts.

He was one of us, not one of them.

James Gordon of his friend John Smith.