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They worry not a jot about what was written by two middle-class Fabians in 1918, which has about as much relevance to their working lives as a Gary Glitter LP.

Alan Johnson, Union of Communication Workers, on Clause IV at the Labour Party conference

The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to

say yes.

Tony Blair, Labour leader

We have been operating with a large amateur sector in the upper reaches of our companies, and it shows.

Howard Davies, head of the Confederation of British Industry

I am glad she has found gainful employment. That's more than can be said for many of our students.

Tutor at Oxford of Anna Pasternak, author 'Princess in Love'

He never liked me.

Italian patient, after shooting the doctor treating him for paranoia

I cannot understand why I am surrounded by women tut-tutting about what a cad Major Hewitt is. After all, men have for years been betrayed by bimbos and gold-

diggers of indeterminate age.

Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's press secretary at No 10

Saddam Hussein is a master of brinkmanship. The problem is he doesn't always know where the brink is.

Paddy Ashdown, Liberal Democrat leader