Quotes of the week

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Capitalism on its own does not possess some supreme moral quality, regardless of its consequences for people. It is a technique rather than a religion.

Douglas Hurd, Foreign Secretary, writing in the 'Guardian'

What to do? That there are no easy answers to such a question is the easy answer with which all politicians begin their speeches. Well, there aren't any easy answers . . .

Anthony Giddens, writing in the 'New Statesman' on the way forward for Labour

The Cuba crisis shocked me into realising that I could not leave the running of the world to other people.

Nesta Wyn Ellis, biographer of John Major

I'm the chap who builds motorways through places like Twyford Down and when people complain I say f. . . off.

Sam Small, gives a Young Conservative's view of the civil engineering profession

Wrapping ourselves in the Union Jack in pursuit of a populist chimera would simply be a prelude to burial at sea - in clear blue water somewhere out in the mid- Atlantic.

Lord Howe, former Foreign Secretary, on the proponents of 'clear blue water' between the Tories and Labour