Quotes of the Week

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I've never discussed private matters and I don't think the Queen has either.

Very few members of the family have.

Prince Philip on 'that turgid book'

That a man so selfish, so uncaring, so inconsiderate of the feelings of others, so self-pitying and self-justifying, so immature as endlessly to blame others for his own shortcomings, should be set on the throne: that is becoming unacceptable.

Edwina Currie, Tory MP, describing the Prince of Wales

When I look at our society and think of the millions of children exposed every day to its toxicity, I am near despair.

Dr Spock, childcare expert We have sadly failed to make her pregnant.

Joe Gipps, London Zoo director, of Ming Ming, the giant panda, now returning to China

She is a great woman, and still she is just like us. She has a job, and children, and the same kind of troubles as any woman in the world.

Galina Morgach, Muscovite, on the Queen

The PR (on Eurotunnel) for many years now has been about as much use as a cat-flap in a submarine.

George Pitcher, PR consultant, assessing Eurotunnel's public relations, on BBC Radio 5 Live