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Here you have something that is killing one-sixth of the population prematurely and people are being encouraged to do it . . . it is immoral, there is no other word for it - Professor Sir Richard Doll, urging the Government to ban tobacco advertising

Eating animals is indefensible. We ought to be repelled by the thought of cutting up corpses, heating the bits until the blood dries and then swallowing the charred remains - Roy Hattersley, Labour's former deputy leader

Tony Blair has pushed moderation to extremes, he has gone over the top with restraint, he has reduced his party to a sort of smiling anaemia - Robert Maclennan, president of the Liberal Democrats

We encourage responsible parenting from fathers and mothers through practical measures like paternity leave, or we continue to pay the bill for family breakdown. We cannot have it both ways - Joanna Foster, chairwoman of the UK Council for the International Year of the Family, on Britain's opt-out of EU paternity-leave provisions